A sad encounter and its hidden benefit

A few weeks ago, I had a bit of a shocking encounter. I was scrolling on LinkedIn – as I do every day… it’s literally my favourite platform these days. A comment on someone else’s post caught my eye…

The tag line was the EXACT SAME as mine

I don’t recall what the comment was.

It was the person’s tag line that made me double take.

The tag line was the EXACT SAME as mine.

Hmmmm, that’s a bit odd. I thought.

So I clicked on her profile.

My heart sped up a little bit as everything looked so familiar.

The colours were changed.

The name wasn’t mine.

But basically everything else was identical.

– Who she helps and how she helps them. The Same.
– The Tag line. The Same.
– The Banner. The Same.

I went to her about section.

Yup, you’ve guessed it. Also the exact Same.

Even down to my testimonials. Copied almost word for word.

I was shocked. Why would anyone do this?

It took me months of work to get my profile the way I wanted it.

To share what I do, how I do it and who I work with.
To build up some amazing (genuine) testimonials.

I was heartbroken

Until I stopped the ‘woe is me narrative’

And thought about it logically.

I came to the following conclusion:

– It won’t work for her.
– Because she isn’t me.
– She hasn’t lived and breathed this mission and purpose like I have.
– She didn’t have the vision and strategy I have.
– She didn’t have the experience and background I have.
– Her audience won’t resonate with her as it’s not authentic.

Then of course –

I wrote a post about her.
Reported her.
And Blocked her.

I saw it as an invitation

But it’s the next thing I did that I really want to hit home with you…

I saw it as an invitation to level up.
To upgrade my profile, my tagline, my banner.
I needed to rise to the challenge of doing better.

So that’s what I did.

Was it a compliment?

I’m not so sure.

Was it a chance to do better?

You bet.

Next time things don’t go to ‘plan’ for you –

You have a choice to make.

1. Wallow in self pity.
2. View it as a invitation to uplevel.

You always have a choice.

What might you be going through right now that you are choosing how to respond to?

Can you make a better choice?

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