Can’t get the career you want?

You can’t get the career you want, When you are too busy working on the one you have now.


This week I want to talk about something I’ve heard a little bit this week, which is focus.
The ambitious, career driven women I chat to (YOU!), have really big career dreams.
And yet, your focus is misplaced.
You will never have the career you desire; If you are too busy with the one you have now.


Does that pack a punch? 🥊🥊🥊

You’ve got these big dreams

You know you want more,
Or something different to now,
By knowing this, I can assure you, you ARE capable of achieving these goals,
You are too busy living the life you have now,
To live the life you want next.

My clients are senior, well established, talented leaders, (also YOU!)
Who have unknowingly slipped into ‘Tesla’ mode –Have switched on the Autopilot.
Are you too busy dedicating all your time to the role you have now,
That you are neglecting to consider how to take action steps towards the role you want next?


A big theme I hear that women struggle with is ‘self-promotion’
Perhaps you believe that the work you are doing now, should be a good enough indicator for the job you want next.
You do the work,
Keep your head down,
Slog away.

You forget to share your results and wins
You feel that you are just doing your job so it doesn’t warrant shouting about it
You don’t want to draw attention to yourself
You struggle to admit anything good about yourself, to yourself, let along to others.

Please know this –

Self -promotion is an essential part of your job,
If you want to progress to the next level.
You cannot assume that your managers are seeing everything you are doing.

My tip tops for self-promotion in an authentic way are:

  1. Don’t wait until annual appraisal or mid-year review to showcase your results and efforts
  2. Keep a running ‘ta-dah’ list of all the things you are proud of at work
  3. Find a way to summarise team wins or performance on a regular basis that feels comfortable to you
  4. Don’t shy away from sharing your personal or individual successes by hiding them as a team effort. It’s not boasting if it’s true.
  5. Engage in communication and networking with decision makers on a regular basis, be visible! Whether that’s volunteering for special projects or simply networking with things you have in common.

What self-promotion do you need to do more of this week?

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