Confession time

I almost quit my company in back in December 2022!

I nearly quit so many times in my life.

I almost quit my company in back in December 2022, I’d only been going for 4 months – I made ZERO pounds and ZERO pence in December. Boy it was SO hard emotionally (and financially!), I started doubting myself. Was I good enough? Was it worth it? Should I quit and go get a job again?

And I nearly quit in my career plenty of times too…

The time when my boss got made redundant and I had to step into his shoes aged 27, becoming the boss of my peers. That was HARD and I thought about quitting then too.

Or the time when a colleague, who I thought was on my same level, got a HUGE promotion – I was beyond envious, when would it be my turn? When would someone notice me?

Or the time we had a security breach, and our systems went down over Christmas, for much longer than they should have, we worked only with phones, did everything manually, answering to clients daily, working around the clock to get answers and relay any information we could find… I wasn’t paid enough for clients and frustrated colleagues to yell at me! I wanted to quit so badly then too.

Yet, even in those hardest moments, the ones that tested me the most – I knew that I’d never get to where I wanted to be if I quit.

I always set myself lofty targets and goals, in my career and in business. Usually, I kept those goals to myself and silently wished they would come true….

… Pretty much everything I ever wanted did!

But it wasn’t from wishing for it, It was from WORKING for it.

You see, it was having a goal to aim for, that always got me through even the hardest of days. Quitting simply wasn’t an option for me.

I wanted to share this with you because if you’ve ever felt like you haven’t been recognised or noticed at work, please know you’re not alone.

To help me reconnect with getting to that next level, for me, it was usually a promotion – and get my mojo back, I did two things:

  • Reminded myself of the goal and how I would feel when I got there
  • Reminded myself that I am in the driving seat and that there was still LOT of things I could control, I decided to take my power back

back on track

These reminders always got me right back on track and after just celebrating my ONE year business anniversary, where I overcame plenty of hurdles and challenges, inspired to write this email to you today. 

If you’re nodding along with this email and you’ve ever felt like quitting and settling for what you have now, take it back to basics and remember WHY you embarked on this journey in the first place, and HOW you’ll feel when you do reach your next level of career success – whatever that may look like to you: Career Clarity, Career Confidence, Overcoming Imposter Syndrome, A promotion, a Career Change, returning to work after time away

If you’re in need of a boost and you’re ready to go from feeling flat and frustrated to having real clarity and confidence, make sure you follow me over on Instagram and Linkedin for a daily dose of positivity.

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