Do you do THIS enough?

I’ve literally just landed, I’m in the taxi on the way home from the airport.


You know that quiet time? When you’re tired and you don’t want to chat. I turned inward to reflect on the couple of weeks just spent in Bermuda and a few things struck me….

That I MISS frequency of travelling I did when I was in my busy, hectic corporate job

I loved the fast pace,

The different office almost weekly.

Exploring new places,

Meeting new people,

Experimenting with new tastes

Taking in new sights, sounds and scents.

That Travel energises me

I’ve done some of my BEST work

I hosted probably my most favourite masterclass to date!

How to Thrive in your Career: Get Clarity, Conviction & Confidence

I’ve had the MOST amazing conversations with clients and potential clients – which honestly lit me up Sooooo much, these women are willing to bet on themselves and I get a front row seat!

I’ve met some new people, had some brilliant new adventures and thought-provoking conversations.

I’ve seen some beautiful places, hiked, worked out, swam in the sea, walked on the beach and really appreciated the powerful nature that’s all around us, if only we take the time to really look.

That Travel is restorative

Without realising it, I was possibly pushing too hard before my trip.

Working long hours,

Some kind of work 7 days a week,

Not creating enough quality ‘me’ time,

Not changing up my environment often enough.

My invitation to you this week is to reflect.

What are you not giving yourself enough of?

Is that quality time, time to reflect, family time, goal setting, health… what is it for you?

And how can you schedule some into this week?

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