Do you know when to GRIT and when to QUIT?

And relax… honestly this long Easter weekend has been such a blessing for me and I’ve no doubt you as well.

change of scene

I had a total change of scene and headed to the beautiful Welsh countryside for a few days with a slower pace of life than usual, which was really good for the soul.

It made me think about the pace we go at on the regular.

What we just get used to as ‘normal’ life.

I know you are a high achiever, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

High achiever traits include growth, development and GRIT.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for grit.

Grit is needed when motivation has long since passed.

Grit is commitment and dedication.

Grit is integrity, doing what you say you will.


When is it right to GRIT?
And when is it right to QUIT?

When is it right to GRIT?

Honestly, I don’t have the answers for you.
It’s subjective.
You’ll need to discover this for yourself.

Although I will say this…

If it’s costing you your health, mental or physical –
It’s most certainly time to quit.

If it’s costing you your peace,
It’s too expensive

If it won’t matter in 5 weeks time, 5 months time or 5 years time,
It is worth it?
You get to decide when to GRIT
And when to QUIT

No-one else can say when you ‘should’
Once you’ve decided – stick with it.
Own your decision.
Be ok with it.
No regrets.

If you have zero clue where to start and you are feeling like you are in limbo between whether to commit to the GRIT or it’s time to QUIT, click the button below and let me know you are in limbo with this.

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