Shocking stats for women

Did you know that in 2023, for every 100 men who got promoted from starting out to becoming a manager, only 87 women got the same chance?

That's a big problem

It’s called ‘the broken rung’ by McKinsey, and it’s one reason why there aren’t enough women in top jobs.

Here’s what happens: When fewer women get promoted early on:

  • There end up being fewer women in charge overall.
  • So, as you go up the ladder, there are even fewer women leaders.

Women are just as ambitious as men

But here’s the thing: Women are just as ambitious as men. The problem is they’re facing obstacles right from the start. 🤷‍♀️

So, what can we do about it? Here are some easy steps we can take to make things fairer for everyone:

  1. Give Everyone a Fair Shot: Let’s make sure that when people are hired or promoted, it’s based on what they can do, not who they are. No favoritism or unfair treatment allowed.
  2. Help Each Other Out: Let’s set up programs where experienced workers can mentor and support newer ones. That way, everyone gets a chance to learn and grow.
  3. Be Open and Respectful: We need to make sure that everyone feels included and respected at work. That means listening to each other’s ideas, even if they’re different from our own.
  4. Flexible Work Options: Let’s offer different ways of working that fit with people’s lives. Whether it’s working from home or choosing when to start and finish, let’s make it easier for everyone to balance work and life.
  5. Fair Pay for Everyone: It’s important that everyone gets paid the same for doing the same job. Let’s make sure there’s no gender pay gap and that everyone gets the same benefits.

Let’s work together to break down barriers and make work fair for everyone. Together, we can create a workplace where everyone has the same chances to succeed

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